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Michael WhiteheadHeartSmile is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based small business.We provide first aid training for the lay and professional rescuer.

HeartSmile has trained over 10,000 students, and hundreds of First Aid/CPR Instructors, first responders, Wilderness first aid and AED providers. What makes us special in the first aid training world is our emphasis on quality and bringing out the best in people.

Founded in 1987, HeartSmile is owned and run by Michael Whitehead. Michael has been teaching CPR and First Aid for over twenty years. He is a professional actor, and uses his unique blend of medical training, effective communication and performance ability to make training fun and memorable.

Michael holds Instructor-Trainer status with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, the Red Cross, ECSI and EMS First Aid, and sits on several advisory committees that develop and maintain high quality instruction in Ontario. He has trained over 1000 First Responders, many of whom have gone on to work for casinos, patient transfer, police, fire and EMS services across Ontario. He also mentors and runs professional development workshops for Instructors. He teaches in English & French

Michael only uses senior instructors and instructor-trainers with EMS First Aid and other national or international training agencies to assist him with training.

HeartSmile's teaching philosophy is to consistently deliver best practices in First Aid training. We do things that other agencies and instructors simply won't do, and students have more fun and learn more as a result.

Some things we do that others don't:

  • Kneepads for every student
  • One manikin per student – manikins always have lungs to see the chest rise
  • Practice using emergency blankets
  • Practice using first aid kits with roller gauze and gauze squares – not just triangular bandages
  • Practice using pocket masks & face shields for rescue breathing
  • AED accessory kits and other funny props
  • Role-playing exercises

HeartSmile provides a value-added training experience to all students. Courses vary from as little as an hour to five days in length. Minimum group size six students. Discounts available for groups of 10 or more. Individual training also available. Pick a program that meets your needs and increase your peace of mind. Courses are tailored to your situation & concerns.

Courses are offered through the Emergency Care & Safety Institute, the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, and EMS First Aid

Recognized by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.


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